Current projects: cast and crew requirements

If you would like to apply for a cast or crew position, please send CV and headshot/showreel to stating which role you are applying for.

Director Antony Meadley
Screenplay by Anusia Kotowicz

A psychological thriller with supernatural overtones.

Dates: Currently on hold.

Cast requirements

Name Age Description
Catherine Trent 18 A shy, timid girl under the thumb of her older sister Myra.
Myra Trent 28 She has a good figure and from behind looks attractive. She has a stern, scowling expression that makes her plain features ugly.
Sgt Peerton A plain-clothes policeman and twinklyeyed Scot.
Harry Goodsir 40 He is a slick man in a cheap but cheerful suit. His hair is slicked back and beginning to recede. He was a lady's man in his youth, but the cares and worries of his life have affected his looks, aging him before his time.
Sandy Goodsir 38 Both prim and nervous. She was injured during the blitz. Since her accident she has turned in to herself and developed agoraphobia.
Charles Schlegel 70 A shabby but elegant man. Originally from Germany, formerly a university professor.
William/Tom Tilman 26 A confident, charming man whose life has been a success.
Court Official
Newsreader (voice)
Uniformed Policeman

Crew requirements

Location Manager
Wardrobe Manager

A hard-hitting drama about modern life, based on a true story. No requirements currently.